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Featured Products
12"x18" US Classroom Flag
Price: $6.50
20' Value Series Aluminum Flagpole
Price: $369.00
2013 BCS National Championship Florida State Seminoles Flag
Price: $34.95
3'x5' Gadsden Flag
Price: $34.95
3'x5' Marine Corps Flag
Price: $36.95
3'x5' US Embassy Set
Price: $169.95
4"x6" Miniature Racing Flag Set
Price: $15.95
Auburn University Yard Banner
Price: $30.95
Crimson Tide Flag
Price: $34.95
Custom Feather Flag
Price: $119.95
Custom Flutter Flag
Price: $119.95
Custom Half Drop Straight Flag
Price: $149.95
Custom Teardrop Flag
Price: $149.95
Europe Flag String
Price: $29.95
International Code of Signals
Price: $24.95
Message Tail Feather Flags
Price: $129.95
Solid Pennants Strings
Price: $9.95
Stars & Stripes Streamers
Price: $17.95
Traffic Cones 28"
Price: $24.95
US Olympic Rings Banner
Price: $26.95

Flags Made in the USA

Tidmore Flags is proud to offer you American-made flags and flag accessories at the best possible prices. We have a range of flag and flag accessories for every occasion and display.

Tidmore Flags was founded in 1963 in Montgomery, AL. A second location was added in Birmingham, AL in 1995. In 2015 we relocated all operations to Aberdeen, SD. We continue to offer the same great service and quality our customers have come to expect.

TidmoreFlags.com specializes in flags, but our skilled designers can also make banners, streamers, entrance mats, grave markers, table drapes and other types of decorative items for your home or workplace. We bring you a multitude of flag types, including American flags, city flags, message flags, flags for sports teams, flags for religious institutions, and historical and military flags. If you don't find what you are looking for on this website, we'll make it for you.

We also carry accessories such as flag poles and cases to make hanging your flag or flag sets easier.

We are dedicated to providing you with quality products that you can be proud to display. Order from TidmoreFlags.com and order with trust.

Tidmore Flags
PO Box 1555
701 Enterprise St N
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Phone: 1-800-321-3524