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    Retainer Ring Assemblies-(Size/Color Options Included)

    Come in white, bronzetone, black, and silver. Sizes range from 4" to 12", choose below. Retainer Ring Assemblies are used to secure the bottom of the flag to the flagpole in Internal Halyard Systems. Additional Retainer Ring Assemblies are also recommended for multi-grommet flags used on larger Internal and External Halyard flagpoles, flags flown in higher wind areas and when flying multiple flags. All Retainer Rings are made using stainless steel cable with stainless steel yokes and two copper crimps at each end for an additional margin of safety. Crimps are machine compressed. The Heavy-Duty Retainer Rings use a combination of 2″ diameter rollers and 1″ diameter spacer balls for increased product life.
    SKU: RRA
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    Made In The USA, Sold Individually