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      Marketing In A Box - January 2023

      • Custom New Year’s Fortune Cookies (30 in small, 50 in deluxe) – traditional vanilla flavored fortune cookies with four custom messages inside that read “You'll refer a client to Amada, “You'll call Amada to help with an LTCi claim,” “Amada will help a senior you know,” and “This year, Amada will help you meet the needs of seniors you work with.”
      • Stemless Champagne Flutes (30 in small, 50 in deluxe) – a clear, stemless champagne flute made of single-wall plastic that, unlike glass, will not shatter if dropped. Custom design on front reads “Happy New Year from Amada Senior Care.”
      • New Years Eve Confetti Push Pops (30 in small, 50 in deluxe) – custom plastic “push pops” that shoot confetti when you apply pressure. Features full Amada logo and “Happy New Year”
      • Silver and Gold Amada Chocolate Squares (60 in small, 100 in deluxe) – individually wrapped dark chocolate squares with Amada logo mark on front. Silver squares are dark chocolate, gold squares are milk chocolate.
      • Amada-Branded Drawstring Backpacks (30 in small, 50 in deluxe) – a navy, imprinted drawstring sport pack made from 80gsm non-woven polypropylene. Includes a pair of shoulder straps that cinch the sport pack shut, and features full Amada logo in reverse white.
      • Branded Tissue Packets (30 in small, 50 in deluxe) – winter colds can be a drag, but these Amada-branded tissue packets can help. Features full color Amada logo.
      • “Happy New Year!” Sticker 1 (30 in standard, 60 in deluxe)– customized with franchise partner phone number.
      • “Happy New Year!” Sticker 2 (30 in standard, 60 in deluxe) – customized with franchise partner phone number.
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