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US Classroom Flags 

Classroom United States flags don’t just decorate the classroom, they make a statement of patriotism and provide a sense of pride for students, teachers and staff. Today, more than ever, these colors stand for something special, unique and truly wonderful: America. At Tidmore Flags, we are proud to bring you variety of American flags -- all of which are made in the USA.
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8"x12" US Classroom Flag
12"x18" US Classroom Flag
16"x24" US Classroom Flag
24"x36" US Classroom Flag
12"x18" US Classroom Banner
16"x24" US Classroom Banner
24"x36" US Classroom Banner

USA Flags for the Classroom

From traditional U.S. classroom flags meant to be displayed flown from a flagstaff or mounted on a wooden staff with a gilt speartip, to classroom banners of the American flag. Our U.S. classroom flags include sizes 8-inch by 12-inch, 12-inch by 18-inch, 16-inch by 24-inch and 24-inch and 36-inch, intended to fit the needs of classrooms big and small. The American-flag banners we carry come in sizes of 12-inch by 18-inch, 16-inch by 24-inch and 24-inch by 36-inch. These flags and banners are made with the highest regard for quality and craftsmanship and the materials used to make them are always top-notch.

Tidmore Flags takes great pride in bringing our schools U.S.-made American flags. Based in Birmingham, AL, our company was founded in 1963 with one goal: to provide a source nationally for American companies, schools and organizations to purchase American flags that are made right here in the good ol' U.S. of A.

Feel free to contact us with questions or comments by calling 1-800-321-3524 or filling out the contact form. Browse our selection of United States classroom flags below and place your order online or call 1-800-321-3524 today.