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Military Flags

Our selection of military flags includes all branches of the armed services in various sizes and materials. These flags are all made in the USA according to the highest standards and will perform well for many years. For areas with frequent rainfall, nylon flags are a quick-drying option that will soon be flying again after a rain. Nylon is light and will fly even in very light wind. The most durable option is polyester. We only use two-ply 100 percent polyester, so owners can be assured of maximum life with relatively little wind damage. This is a good option for locations with frequent storms.

In addition to our outdoor flags, we offer an assortment of indoor military flags and flag sets. All our indoor flags have fringe, and the sets include oak poles with brass spears, cords and tassels. Flags range in size from small desk models to larger types.

Our selection of military flags includes general flags with one to four stars. These flags are available in indoor and outdoor models with canvas headers and brass grommets. Indoor models have poles sleeves and gold fringe. This is also your source for POW-MIA, Merchant Marine and all other military-themed flags.

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