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Historical Flags

This collection of nearly fifty historical flags offers icons like the Union Jack and the Gadsden "Don't Tread on Me," but it also presents curiosities such as the Gonzales Banner of 1835 and the Bedford flag, which is the oldest known flag in the United States.

We offer a broad selection of flags related to the American Revolution and the Civil War that go beyond the Betsy Ross and Stars and Bars. These include George Washington's headquarters flag, Moultrie's blue Liberty, the Grand Union, and the headquarters flag of Robert E. Lee. Another unique item is the Third Confederate Flag, which is said to have acquired the red bar along its outer edge because the previous version, the "Stainless Banner," was repeatedly mistaken for a surrender flag when hanging limp.

Not limited to the Americas, the collection contains flags like the Spanish Cross of Burgundy, the "Lions and Castles" that Columbus planted on San Salvador, St. George's Cross, the Red Duster, and unusual items such as the Jolly Roger and Viking flag.

Links also lead to pages of historical flags of the states, Irish historical flags, and two pages of flags depicting the stages of Old Glory's evolution from thirteen to fifty stars.