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Message Feather Flags

A large sign or banner is a great way to get attention for your company or your event. However, signs can start to blend into the background when customers are bombarded every day by billboards and advertisements. You need a display that gets noticed. Feather flags provide the perfect solution. They wave in the breeze to get attention, yet they still look professional. These message feather flags allow you to put whatever words on them you would like, such as “Welcome” or “Sale.” Invite your customers in or let them know exactly what your special event is all about. Use them in front of your building or at your next trade show or community event. Flags are available in a wide range of colors so you can match your branding or choose a palette that is appropriate for your special event. Different sizes and shapes are available to suit your needs.
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Message Feather Flags
Message Tail Feather Flags