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International Code of Signals

International Code of Signals

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Nylon, sewn throughout with double-stitched seams and all in approved colors. Complete with rope distance lines.  Choose Ash Toggles, Brass Snaps & Rings or Brass Grommets.  Made in the USA.

Available in the following sizes:
Size 0: Alphabet Flags: 1x1.25, Pennants: 2/3x2, Substitutes: 2/3x1-1/3
Size 2: Alphabet Flags: 1.5 x 2, Pennants: 1-1/3x3, Substitutes: 1x2
Size 3: Alphabet Flags: 2x2, Pennants: 1-1/3x3, Substitutes: 1-1/3x2-1/3
Size 7: Alphabet Flags: 3x3, Pennants: 2x4.5, Substitutes: 2x4
Size 10: Alphabet Flags: 4x4, Pennants: 2-2/3x6, Substitutes: 2-2/3x5-1/3
Size 14: Alphabet Flags: 4x6, Pennants: 2-2/3x9, Substitutes: 2-2/3x5-1/3

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