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Hotel Flags

Every driver that passes by your hotel is a potential guest, and many of those on the road are already looking for your property as their final destination. Hotel flags and banners make it easy to stand out from the competition that crowds busy roads and intersections. Waving flags clearly mark your location on long stretches of highway and act as welcoming beacons to the tired traveler. Banners over the hotel entrance let guests know that you're celebrating your grand opening, or they brag about the best complimentary breakfast buffet in the area. Hotel flags and banners catch the public's attention and convey important information with graphic snap and bright colors.

Cover your needs with one-stop shopping here at Tidmore Flag and Banner. We have worked with the hospitality industry for over 40 years, supplying the highest quality hotel flags and banners available. We stock all major corporate flags, and our banners include stock items that announce grand openings or welcome returning guests. We also offer custom services that let you upload your image and message to produce unique, high-flying signage.

We know that our hotel flags and banners will get your location noticed and that our flags will fly proudly over your hotel property. Order today!