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Flag Cases

What better way to show the respect and admiration your colors deserve than to proudly display your flag in one of our custom flag cases? These unique, high quality flag cases are designed to showcase exclusive flags, certificates and medals that were either given in special recognition for an achievement, inherited from a deceased veteran or for flags that were purchased after being flown over a special United States monument such as Pearl Harbor or our Nation's Capitol.

These cases come in a variety of sizes from small to large, are made of solid wood and come a various colors. You can choose a case that has been proudly made in the USA or one that is imported. Tidmore Flag and Banners' flag cases have several customization options as some are designed to display flags alone while others are designed to display a flag and accompanying certificate and/or medals. Find the perfect fit for your colors, here at TidmoreFlags.com.
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Small Flag Display Case - US Made
Small Display Flag Case
Small Flag Case - Imported
Large Flag Display Case - US Made
Large Display Flag Case - US Made
Large Flag Case - Imported