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Educational Flags 

For state flags, US flags and team flags for schools and classroom displays, look no further than TidmoreFlags.com. We offer the finest quality in nylon and polyester flags designed for both durability and appearance.

We have a wide variety of sizes available for all of our products to suit your special order and we carry a large selection of international banners, from miniatures to string banners to full-size flags for the classroom or even outdoors. These make for great teaching opportunities as an added visual stimulus can help students remember what they learn about foreign countries -- and they look great!

Custom flags can give your classroom an extra boost of color and pride; put your school mascot and colors on one of our high-quality banners and let it hang proudly. From school flags to advertising banners, TidmoreFlags.com has what you need to get your students' and visitors' attention.

And don't forget that TidmoreFlags.com offers a huge selection of attention-grabbing decor, from welcome mats to customized tablecloths to safety products such as cones and barriers. So don't wait another minute, order above or call 1.800.321.3524 today!
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