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Commercial Flags 

Whether you need a flag for a commercial property, storefront , territorial marker or to make a statement about your business, prominence is important. Tidmore Flags features flags, banners, pennants and more to make sure you get noticed. Our products ensure that your message is prominently displayed.

We carry:
  •     Flags for Business Offices
  •     Corporate Flag Displays
  •     US and State Flags
  •     International Flags
  •     Personalized Indoor Entrance Mats
  •     Personalized Outdoor Entrance Mats
  •     Table Drapes
  •     Indoor Flag Sets
  •     In-Ground Flagpoles
  •     Flagpole Parts
  •     Much more!
We also feature lapel pins, patches, windsocks, garden stands and a wide array of whimsical, fun items and accessories with a flag motif.

The feather flag is perfect for drawing attention to commercial properties. Supported by a tall, flexible mast, the feather-shaped flag flutters in the wind, catching the eye and attracting attention. In addition to the visual display, feather flags also make an audible flapping sound.

For patriotic displays, we carry a wide array of US and state flags. And no business front is complete without branded indoor and outdoor entrance mats. For safety displays, we feature barricades, civil service and safety flags, traffic cones, safety wear and other safety-related products.

No matter what function or circumstances you want to accommodate, Tidmore Flags has just the right flag or other prominent, attention-getting display appropriate for your commercial flag needs. Order today!
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