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Church Flags

Churches, temples, mosques and other religious institutions thrive when they are visible, so advertising is important. One simple and budget-conscious yet effective way of alerting parishioners to your church's location is investing in the church flags available here at Tidmore Flag and Banner. We have church and religious flags for a variety of faiths, denominations, including Christian, Papal, Zionist, Buddhist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, and United Methodist flags. When it comes to selection of flags for religious institutions, Tidmore Flag and Banner is the place to shop. Printed on durable high quality nylon, our church flags are durable and fly proudly in the slightest breeze. If your church is looking for an easy and beautiful way to say "Here we are! Welcome!", a brightly colored, long lasting church flag is a great solution.

Flags can be displayed on the wall, flown inside (for smaller churches) or flown on a flag pole outdoors and are a flexible, low cost way of attracting attention. If your intentions are good but your budget is small, consider advertising with a flag. The movement of a flag flying in the wind can be a calming and memorable sight outside your religious. If you are looking for a way to show people what your church is all about, fly a flag!