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Applique Custom Flags 

Our applique flags are your best option when it comes to custom flags. These flags are manufactured using applique and sewing. They are heavyweight outdoor nylon or polyester and finished with a canvas header and brass grommets or pole sleeve.

If you are looking for a way to show pride in your organization, Tidmore Flags' appliqué custom flags are an ideal solution. The company is experienced in producing corporate, institutional and municipal flags of every type. Tidmore Flags manufactures high-quality flags to your specifications, including the shape, the design, the background colors and even the stripes, if you choose to include them. The use of appliqué techniques to decorate each custom flag ensures a higher level of quality. Whereas the designs of screen-printed flags often fade or wear, appliqué designs last because they are actually separate pieces of colored fabric sewn onto both faces of a flag. The heavyweight nylon and polyester fabrics that comprise both the body of each flag and its design sustain years of use in all types of weather without showing appreciable degradation. The heavy canvas header and brass grommets are similarly impervious to wear and tear from wind, rain and sunshine. Email us for your quote today at flags@tidmoreflags.com.

Applique Flag Examples:

Applique Custom Flags